SBRnet Tutorial

How to Use SBRnet

Start out by logging on to Internet; Go to this URL: Type your user ID and password in the boxes that appear near the top of the right-hand column of the home page. You will be taken to a page which is almost identical to the page where you started.


Accessing SBRnet's Content

    If you choose to access SBRnet on a single-sport basis, once you click on that sport or product from the home page, you have three search options.
    1. ALL INDIVIDUAL STATISTICAL TABLES/RECENT ARTICLES: Click on the first link under the “Market Research” heading to create a menu with links to titles of all statistical tables and all articles posted in the past year pertaining to that sport. Click on “more” to find each table or article
    2. RESEARCH CATEGORY LINKS: Use the links for various types of research further down on the “Market Research” column. These links will take you to one page with all the tables pertaining to the topic you selected, such as “Participation,” etc.
    3. FOR ARTICLES ONLY: If you want to find all articles pertaining to the sport, use the “Publications & Facility Reports” access area. For certain sports, such as Baseball, Basketball, Football, Ice hockey and Soccer, you’ll also find access to facility reports for these sports

    There are two options if you choose to access SBRnet on a “subject” basis:
    1. RESEARCH CATEGORY LINKS: Each link provides access to a page with all links to information for particular category, such as “Participation” regardless of sport
    2. INDIVIDUAL STATISTICAL TABLES/RECENT ARTICLES: Choose a link in the drop-down menu, and then click on “SEARCH.” You will be taken to a menu of all statistical tables and recent articles that pertain to the subject you selected, regardless of sport.

    SBRnet's publication database includes over 60,000 articles dealing with all aspects of the sports industry, many articles dating back as far as 1996. Each article is cited with publication source, date and title. Articles are also key-worded to help identify the subject. For example, some articles written about the NFL may not mention "football." SBRnet editors code each article; in this case, the word "football" would be added to the end of the article, so that the article will be appropriately found in a search for "football."
    1. To execute a search, use the following procedure:
      1. In the "Publications" drop-down box, you may either search for all articles from all publications (the default) or scroll down the menu and highlight one publication. Some of the publications listed may no longer be in print, but articles from these publications have been preserved in the database.
      2. In the "Year (s)" drop-down box, the default is the current year. If you want articles from previous years as well, make your choice here.
      3. In the "Sport" drop-down box, the default is "All Sports." If you are interested in articles pertaining to a specific sport, insert that sport in this box (NOTE: THIS SPORT BOX CHOICE EXISTS ON THE HOME PAGE, BUT NOT IN THE INDIVIDUAL SPORT PAGES)
      4. In the "Keywords" box, the default is to ignore this box. If you're interested in articles pertaining to a subject, such as "World Cup," insert the words into this box. We suggest that you review the "Glossary" provided for more specific search guidance
      5. Choose "all words" or "any word" or "phrase," whichever is most appropriate for you.
      6. Click on "Search."

        Warning: Do not use adverbs such as "under" or "and" or "to" in your search

    To access a series of tables reporting on trends in the sports industry, click on the “Summary Table” link in the blue bar near the top of the page. This section has links to a variety of tables reporting on trends in Participation, Sporting Goods, Professional Sports, and College Sports. Highlights of this section include:
    1. Participation Summaries: summary tables for total participation, participation by gender and age
    2. Sporting Goods Market Trends: Financial summaries for public companies; trends in sporting goods imports and trends in the total market for sporting goods.
    3. Professional Sports: access to fan reports, facility reports, directories pertaining to professional sports
    4. College/High School: access to fan reports, facility reports, participation and directories pertaining to college sports

    Click on this link in the blue bar near the top of the page. This section has links to a variety of summary tables reporting on trends in the following subject areas: Participation, Sporting Goods, Professional Sports, and College Sports. Each of these sections provides highlight reports as follows:
    The following directories are provided:
    1. Teams
      1. Professional: Links to over 500 professional teams. Listings for each team contain a website link, team location and contact information.
      2. College: Links to over 2,000 two and four-year colleges in the U.S. and Canada with varsity athletic programs. Users can refine search according to sport, state, academic major and Division (NCAA I, NCAA II, NCAA III, NAIA, NCCAA, USCAA, Junior Colleges, Canadian, Independent). Each school listing includes location, varsity sports offered, athletic director and SWA and SID contacts and links to various school websites.
    1. Other
      1. All organizations: Links to over 1,000 sports organizations including trade associations, governing bodies, college conferences, professional associations, and professional leagues
      2. Employment agencies
      3. Marketing agencies
      4. Sport management programs: Links to websites and contacts for nearly 500 programs offered in the US and Canada.
      5. State-by-State: Links to all listings including professional teams, leagues, college athletics and organization directories accessible on a state-by-state basis.

    If you use a table from SBRnet in a classroom report, or, with prior permission from SBRnet in a public document, you should attribute the table to the organization cited in the “Source” line in the table. NSGA stands for “National Sporting Goods Association” and SBRnet stands for “Sport Business Research Network.”

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