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Summary Statistics contain comparative information between leading professional and college sports organizations and activities for demographic segments (age, income, gender, region) and consumer behavior segments (fantasy sports, social media, attendance, TV viewership, online viewership, participation, logo apparel, mobile device usage, sponsorship, and online sporting goods purchases).

Questions SBRnet Can Answer

How much revenue do colleges earn from athletics?

What is the most popular online device for purchasing logo apparel…computers, tablets or smartphones? The least popular?

How large is the fan base of major sports leagues? What are their demographics?

How large is the golf fan market? Tennis? Running? NASCAR? IndyCar? Mixed Martial Arts?

How many fans actually attend games? How many view games on TV? Online

How many consumers use online devices to purchase sports logo apparel? What percentage of the market purchases sports logo apparel?

How much do they spend? What are their demographics?

What is the most popular online device for purchasing logo apparel…computers, tablets or smartphones? The least popular?

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